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Awards and Recognition

Great Companies Global Business of the Year 2022 Award

Enterprise Software Solutions Category

EBA Solutions – A journey started by Anagha Joshi….a leap taken from being a Product Manager in USA to being a Co-founder and Director of a Information Technology Company in India along with Mr. Ram Kumar Awasthi.

A journey of Company growth from being a Technical Service provider to becoming a Trusted IT Sales and Implementation Partner of the Business Process Automation Solutions.

EBA is one of the few IT companies providing the much required work-life balance for the mental well being of it’s employees which we proudly call as the EBA FAMILY.

Over the years journey, EBA has been growing in terms of it's employee strength, the spectrum of Technical and Team Building services we provide to our clients.

The year 2022 has been a first for EBA with expansions in our services and new projects execution like Working on the 1st implementation project with Serrala;

Successful & Independent completion of the 1st Upgrade project in HANA for FS2AP with our partner in Indonesia;

Starting with the Sales of Serrala Business Automation Products in India.

Walking the path of sustainable growth, EBA is the proud recipient of the Great Companies' Top Global Business of the Year 2022 Award in the Enterprise Software Solutions Category.

APAC Business Awards 2022

Best Software Product Engineering Company - Maharashtra

Appreciation and Achievement is anytime welcome and feels good.
So here we are with another award for:

  • The EBA Team's collective efforts and consistent quality work being delivered to our customers.
  • For the motivating and positive work culture provided to our employees under the dynamic leadership of Ms. Anagha and Mr. Ram Kumar
  • The efforts EBA takes in community service and
  • Career opportunities EBA provides to the skilled people purely based on their talent and potential irrespective of their experience or background i.e. Diversity and Inclusion.

With great pride we celebrate this Achievement of being awarded as -

EBA Solutions Private Limited has been awarded -

Best Software Product Engineering Company - Maharashtra"
Within the APAC Business Awards 2022, hosted by APAC Insider